If we find minor roof damage during our inspection, we'll be happy to repair it for you. NOVA Consulting Services, Inc. handles the smaller shingle repair jobs that roofing contractors often won't do.

Call our office in Alexandria, VA now to ask about asphalt shingle roof repair services from NOVA Consulting Services.

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NOVA Consulting Services does more than just perform roof inspections. We also offer shingle repair work in Alexandria, Virginia and the surrounding area. We can replace shingles that are:

  • Damaged: Hail and extreme heat can weaken shingles.
  • Missing: Strong winds can tear shingles right off of your roof.
  • Moldy: Mildew, moss and mold can cause long-term damage.

We can also repair damage caused by dry rot. If your roof has extensive damage that requires reroofing services, we'll give you a full inspection report that you can take to a contractor.

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